New Duco High Performance HP45 Blade

Duco have developed a new blade in their range of HP high performance blades. The 45HP louvre is similar to the existing 50HP blade, but has a design like the Z blades. In this way, we can now offer the perfect combination between a very good air flow rate and the aesthetic design of a Z blade.

The K-factor was provisionally set at 8, but will be finally determined after Duco have performed the necessary tests. The visual and physical free areas are 70% and 60% respectively. With this in mind, Duco now have three types in their range of high performance blades: the new 45HP, and the existing 50HP (88% and 68% visual and physical free areas) and 130HP (88% and 68% visual and physical free areas).

These 3 blades all use the same clip, and are therefore perfectly interchangeable in a project.

Please contact EDS for further details / prices.